FA50 carb gasket

I just put a new carb on Suzuki FA50. I'm missing the gasket where the carb bolts on. It fits fine and seems to run fine without it. Should I play safe and get a gasket? Is it bad to run without?

Re: FA50 carb gasket

did the new one come without a gasket?might be designed to work that way,I`d be afraid it might start sucking air,both of my FA50`s have a gasket,1980 and 1987,by the way they`re are a blast when running right!

Re: FA50 carb gasket

They are only $3 on Bike Bandit.com, i would be worried about gas leaking as well as loosing proper suction.

Re: FA50 carb gasket

The two surfaces are not perfectly flat and smooth so a gasket helps fill the imperfections and seal the deal.

Make one your self or order one and relace it, just for peice of mind and a long lasting good rinning bike.


Re: FA50 carb gasket

Thanks. I think I'll get one from bikebandit.

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