Puch problems

I have been cleaning the engine to my 1981 puch maxi. When I took of my air filter, there was fuel in it. Is this normal? Also I have a slight crack in the rubber where my throttle cable connects to my carb. Is this a problem? Thank you in advance.

Re: Puch problems

boot crack normal no problem it just protects the threads on the cable , gas in the filter HMMMMMM not normal is it gas or cleaning solvent from your cleaning , does it run other wise and how well?

Re: Puch problems

Portland aint that far away guy im in hampton

Re: Puch problems

Jason Luther /

gas in the filter, inless its dripping wet, running all over the place is normal. when the engine runs a little bit of air/fuel mix blows back out of the carb

Re: Puch problems

I cant see how gas in the filter is normal it would have to travel a good 6 inches to get to the filter and thats through the air box space ,that much gas blow back is not normal

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