anybodys brake squeek?

my front brake just squeels like nuts. i really hate it but there seems to be nothing i can do. i adjust it so the pads wont touch but then i must pull the brake lever all the way before it starts braking a little.. :P

Re: anybodys brake squeek?

take some sand paper and do a crisscross pattern on the pads and on the hub then clean it out really good with brake cleaner or partswash.

Re: anybodys brake squeek?

My Peugeot TSM had that problem when I got it....the front squeeled like crazy and the rear was not even really there. I havnt got new shoes yet, but I really tightened down the rear and the front my friend tightened down the minor adjustment screw on the cable and it actually stopped making that noise. I would say tighten it more.....

Re: anybodys brake squeek?

Do what daniel said , they are smoothed out and sqeeling just like a car will , sand them up real good and the drum you will see a difference

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