Dellorto Carb on Motobecan

Hey I just got a Dellorto 15.15 for my 78 50v. i know i'll have to make some adjustments for it to work right, anyone who's already done this have any tips?

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i just put a 14 12 on mine

i think its the same body and all i had to do was turn it a bit clockwise so it doesnt hit at full throttle

Re: Dellorto Carb on Motobecan

1. Use the bendy 14mm intake, available from handy bikes or 30MPH parts engines.

2. Use the click choke model sha carb body. If you have the cable choke already, this is okay, your choke isn't that important anyways.

3. Cut your throttle slide so you can pull the cable enough to open the carb all the way and let it close enough to idle. See Creature David Pilz's post from about 6 months ago for instructions.

4. Use a 57 jet.

5. Tilting the carb clockwise when looking at it from the moped's starboard side will help.

6. Some say using the Gurtner cable guides will help.

7. If you have a variator i recommend removing 1 or two ball weights in order to utilise the newfound engine speed capacity.

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bret how could you go about removing those weights

i havent even thought that about that until now

anything will be usefull


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Look here":

This is a webpage in french that gives photostep by step directions to disassemble a variator down to the clutch shoes.

You'll notice that the photographer is running a converted four ball variator with two balls.

You'll need the puller and a good thin pair of circlip pliers. Do not attempt without proper tools.

Re: Dellorto Carb on Motobecan


You are refering to a 14mm Del carb when you suggest the 57 jet size or a larger carb?


Re: Dellorto Carb on Motobecan

I just took the little black plastic adapter on the barrel of my gurnter and the white adapter on the barrel of the 14/12 i got and sanded them to fit. then it slid right on. You can probably do a similar thing for the 15/15

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Mike Scouty McScoutington /

the 15:15 needs to run about a 57 jet. its a good jumping off point. i dont know how i feel about pulling a weight from your clutch if you have the 3 ball design. it throws your ballance off. it seems like a bad idea to me. if you have a 4 ball you can maintain harmonic ballance so i dont know.

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