Puch Idle: engine gets hot, noises, MORE!

uhh. ok. well yesterday the bike ran 35mph. dont ask me how i dont know either. it was running like this for 14 miles. idled fine..then, in idle, it just shut off. wouldnt start again. today, i started it, went around a quick ride, without idle, and top speed full throttle was 16mph at best. and dont idle.

the idle screw has an impact now( as of 10 minutea ago), before it didnt. i have no idea why the hell it wants to work now. i didnt do anyting. when i screw it all the way in, the chain moves and the back wheel moves very fast. and when i unscrew the idle screw a little, it slows down. after 5 or 6 turns out, theres a stage in the idleing wheere the chain doesnt move for about 3 good seconds. the engine stays on. chain dont move. so after 3 seconds, theres a double clicking noise (click-click!) form the engine, and that enables, or triggers the chain to move, turning the back wheel. so now, the chain moves the back wheel (slowly) for about 5 seconds, then slowly stops and goes to that 3 second period of no movement. and repeats this cycle.

the engine also gets super hot in the idle. i let it idle on the stand for 5 minutes. the exhaust (the part under the pedal) is really really hot. i spit on on and it sizzles, and the spit bounces off. hot enough to burn skin if touched for 1/2 a second. i applied very very little gas. i just let it idle.




EXHAUST IS DERESTRICTED (prob what made the 35mph)

1977 puch maxi 1.5hp e50

Jet is #60

12mm bing carb, intake.

I missed my job orientation because thinking from yesterday, th ped was going 35, it seemed great. then i get ready, wake up early and hop on the ped and all this happens.


Re: Puch Idle: engine gets hot, noises, MORE!

yo jay y dont u just try another carb? do u got a 14 intake or a 12? just get a nother carb and try that. i think its all in the carburation or gas what kind of gas line do you use? is the petcock clean? do u got a fuel filter?

damn I still cant get my damn ped to do 25. its 23 tops on flat .

you just hoppd on it and it went 35 without u having to do anything?


Re: Puch Idle: engine gets hot, noises, MORE!

DUDE i know!!! im just as shocked as u are! 35mph. i know this becuse i was riding on a road where they were doin work, and they had one of those speedometer signs that measure the speed. i was the only person around, and i said "35" and it felt like ti too! possibly the carb. i have a 14mm intake...

did u derestrict the exhaust pipe? u can easlly get 5mph fom that.

i just finished fixing this other guys moped for free. all i had to do was clean the jet. his idled great. was a great ped, only 855 miles.

Re: Puch Idle: engine gets hot, noises, MORE!

damn thats crazy my xhaust wasnt restricted. i had a complety restricted model from another state and im converting everything from a 30mph version.

Re: Puch Idle: engine gets hot, noises, MORE!

lol did you follow my guide? you should rejet

Re: Puch Idle: engine gets hot, noises, MORE!

are you talking to me joeho? if so what guide?

Re: Puch Idle: engine gets hot, noises, MORE!


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