1980 Motobecane

I'm looking to sell a 1980 motobecane, it hasn't ran in a year, but only needs a new ignition coil. It's in very good condition.... how much money do you think i can get out of it?

Re: 1980 Motobecane

i would get it running before you sell it

this way you can get a lot more for it

Re: 1980 Motobecane

Everyone who is selling a moped that does not run says it is the coil, but it never seems to be the coil.

I do not mean to doubt you Brian, but the you got it from probably said "it must be the coil"

he was probably wrong

Re: 1980 Motobecane

See Ya Moped Army /

Agreed. I've yet to see a bad coil on a Moby.

Re: 1980 Motobecane

i bought a honda elite that allegedly has a bad coil. Turned out it actually did. I called the guy and thanked him. then made copious amounts of money selling the scooter.


Re: 1980 Motobecane

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

i had a coil go out on my moby (rather it lost inductance).

easy fix: bad coil now runs the lights and lighting coil now gives spark.

results: my bike kicks ass.

Re: 1980 Motobecane

I say its the coil because its completely broken inside and i can't get it to create a spark. I think all it needs is a spark but i'm not completely sure. My friend has a 95 tomos and i think i can use the coil off of it to test it but they are a different looking and i can figure out the wire combination to make it work.. Could someone explain to me in detail possibly how to hook up that coil to the 1980 motobecane from my tomos.

Re: 1980 Motobecane

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

do you mean the ignition coil with the spark plug coming out of it?

or do you mean the coils inside the magneto. If all you need is a coil I have one I can test and sell you.

Re: 1980 Motobecane

the coil with the spark plug coming out of it

Re: 1980 Motobecane

you can get one on e-bay or mopedjunkyard.com

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