Honda PA 50 II

So I took my hobbit apart over the last couple of days and cleaned the carb, replaced the gaskets, changed the splark plug, added a fuel filter and changed the fuel line, cleaned points, took the gas tank off and cleaned a whole lot of rusty stuff out until flow was clean, cleaned the air filter, and put her all back together, but still top speed is a measly 12-15 MPH. could it be as simple as adjusting the throttle cable? or what? i'm at a stand-still right now and if anyone has suggestions that'd be much appreciated. someone posted about the Variator, describing similar low-speed syndrome, but I don't know anyything about this.

Re: Honda PA 50 II

wow thats not right at all you should be doing at least 25, yeah i would check the carb again to see if your choke isnt on the whole time make sure that the lever you push down to put on the choke doenst stay on when you go full throttle, if it does then you need to take apart the carb again and fix that this happenede to me once before so this is my guess

Re: Honda PA 50 II

Put the bike on the centerstand

Take off the left side belt cover

Start the bike and observe the front variator.

When you rev it us for a short period the belt should climb to about 1/2" ftom the outside edge of the pulley.

Check the belt to see if it is the stock one. It should say Mitsuboshi on it.

Re: Honda PA 50 II

Stck choke? timing? weak coil?

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