1977 Vespa Ciao question

I'm thinking about buying a vespa ciao from someone and i don't know a whole lot about working on mopeds. it's got a problem where the engine wants to cutoff when you apply the brakes. someone told him that it's probably due to the clutch not separating correctly. Is this something that i can fix myself (keeping in mind that i don't know a thing about working on engines) or have done for pretty cheap? Is the thing worth buying if i can get it for a decent price? thanks for any advice you have for me.

Re: 1977 Vespa Ciao question

Bruce Wilkinson /

The tail/brake light could be burnt out or if it is the clutch, it's easy to fix and you can buy parts from zippymoped@yahoo.com

Go for it . I love my Ciao. bruce

Re: 1977 Vespa Ciao question

the clutch is external on vespas, very easy to take off and work on.

but as Bruce said, check your tail light bulbs.


1977 Vespa Ciao question


Dude. It's about time you got a moped. I have a '78 Ciao. We will make that bike work. You're looking at Ganon's Ciao right? Drop me a line.

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