Tomos Targa Won't Idle...

Here we go again, another moped that won't idle for me.

Hey All,

I just completed my 2000 Tomos Targa resurrection... or so I thought. It starts and runs, but only when the choke is on, or when the throttle is wide open... it won't idle on it's own.

I know the carb is clean, new fuel valve, oil pump is working, good spark, etc... is it too much air, too little air? I'm at a loss here, I really thought it should work perfectly.

Please help me with any ideas here, I'm really stumped.

Thanks in advance,


Re: Tomos Targa Won't Idle...

try adjusting your gas to oil ratio that may do it. does it stall out after a while when you have the choke on, if it does then theres soemthing wrong but mine would need a few mins to warm up and would also stall when idling so try and let it warm up a little then try to take it out for a spin

Re: Tomos Targa Won't Idle...

use the idle screw adjuster on the side of the carbuerator... mines almost all the way in and it idles fine

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