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The Saga continues… I have a 1980 Honda express. When I picked it up none of the lights worked. Most of the problems where related to 12v bulbs being stuck in there, and a bad flasher cam, but here is where I am at right now… I have hooked up the wiring according to the manual, The tail light works, except when I hit the brake it dims, also the flashers are terribly dim in the rear… The battery tested ok.. I had played around with it some thinking the wires had been mixed up somewhere and got the tail light/brake light to work properly, but when I turned on the signals the brake light would flash and the turn signals where so dim they where barely noticeable. Headlight also dims when braking.

Also, it is running a bit too Smokey… any way to adjust this?


Re: Express help

Jonas Quimby /

The extra smoke is just from it sitting. Oil leaks past the oil pump and pools in the crank case. It'll correct itsself after you ride it.

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