honda express runs amazing until

I am a new owner of a 1977 Honda Express, it starts/runs pretty well give or take some adjustments with the idle and maybe some cleaning. The real confusing thing is this: it gets up to 27mph pretty easy and stays right around there. When I go down a huge hill it will get upwards of 30-35 mph but often times after going at such a high speed it will lose power right after and inevitably stall. Usually if I turn it off and let it cool down, walk it a block it runs again. If I try to start it right after it will start but won't rev well, loses power and inevitably stalls again. Any ideas dr.s?

Re: honda express runs amazing until

the timing isnt advanced enough to handle those speeds is my guess, when im going down large hills i never rev it at full i usually leave it at idle or a little above because the momentum will carry me down at 30 anyways

Re: honda express runs amazing until

might be starving for gas at high speed,make sure your carb is clean,new filter...

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