Sachs rings

Hey, can anybody point me in the direction of a website or something that sells rings for a Sach 505 engine? has the bottom ring in stock, but not the top. They say in the description that some engines use two of the bottom style ring. Does anybody know which set the 505 needs? Thanks!

-Zack Bandit

Re: Sachs rings

There are about 5 different combinations.

I guess you are looking for the 1.5 mm tall 38mm diameter ring that goes over a centered pin?

either handybikes, or Seattle mopeds.

Re: Sachs rings

Just received my second set of rings from HandBikes along with a flywheel puller. talk to BJ and he will get to you the right rings.

Re: Sachs rings

i have the same engine in my ped, i found it hard to find rings but you need the 38mm by 1.5tall GI(for the square pin)

this is the website that i found for rings, its the only one that i could find.

good luck with that man.

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