Polini 64cc+sears FreeSpirit

i have a 78 sears free sprit

ok so today i got a polini 64cc kit for puch and a bitrbo pipe.

I installed them without a hitch. Now it wont start.

It seems as though theres no spark. but Im too tired to test.

Do I need a spacial sparkplug?

Whats up. Where do i start to get this thing running.

Do I need a new carb if so which one?

Before it was all stock and running at 25-27 with a swiss cheese tailpipe and no problems.

Re: Polini 64cc+sears FreeSpirit

Smitty Smith /

I run an NGK B7HS in the Polini's. I've heard that anything hotter will seize it.

Puch wiring is funny at best.

For me, the most common electrical issue on Puch is the horn switch. To by-pass the horn, disconnect both wires at the horn, and bridge them together, thus completing that circuit.

On my Racing Maxi N, I have all but the blue ignition wire from the magneto grounded. I run battery operated bicycle headlight and tail light.

Which carb do you currently have installed? I recommend a 14 or 15mm Bing, or one of the Mikuni's that I stock (replaces the Bing nicely).

Determine if it is actually an igniton issue, then get back to us with your findings.



Re: Polini 64cc+sears FreeSpirit

I did what you said to the horn. No change.

When I peddle and pop the clutch I can see the headlight go on. So Im wondering if its not an electrical problem.

I have a stock carb. its all stripped so I cant get in and upjet. I was thinking af moving on to a Bing 15. But I hear deltros are better.

"im looking at this one":http://www.1977mopeds.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=22&products_id=64

Is there anyone in Chicago that can take a look at it?



Re: Polini 64cc+sears FreeSpirit

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

I do much prefer the dellorto.

What wiring/electrical components did you mess with during the kitting?

Re: Polini 64cc+sears FreeSpirit


Im stumped

Is there anyone in chicago that can help me?

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