Broken rear bolt for shock . . .

Well, I was riding home today after work and going shopping and hit a bump on the big hill/bridge through town and next thing I know there's this awful grinding sound coming from my bike and the bolt at the top of my right rear shock is GONE and the shock itself has popped out of it's respective upper socket. Any suggestions as to where i could get a replacement bolt? TIA,


Broken rear bolt for shock . . .

What kind of moped do you have?

Re: Broken rear bolt for shock . . .

Nor Cal Mopeds /

It does matter what kind, but i would say just get an all thread bolt and put it through there with a couple washers and bolts to keep in it place, obviously cut it down though.

Re: Broken rear bolt for shock . . .

Jason Luther /

just go to a hardware store, you dont need the exact bolt that came out of there

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