gas tank rust

i have a sachs prima, and i have rust in the tank, i took it off, and used a flashlight and theres little rust patches all over the place, how do i get rid of it?????

Re: gas tank rust

i heard from a friend that you can take all the gas out and fill it with white vinegar for a night then empty it in the morning let it dry and the rust should come off. it is the same principle as dipping a penny in vinegar to clean it. i dont recommend balsamic or red wine, definately white vinegar. good luck!

Re: gas tank rust

I can vouche for that. I used this method on my Trac. Vinegar is cheap, and sold by the gallon anyhow. Just fill the tank (make sure it's full) and drain it in the morning. Rinse with water, and then alcohol (to get rid of the left over water). I also rinsed mine with a little gasoline just so I didn't have any alcohol left over. It won't hurt, but no harm done making sure. Fill 'er up with your mix, and take 'er for a spin!

Re: gas tank rust

i'm trying the vinegar trick right now....i'm gonna give it a few days since i have the time.

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