General 5 Star Battery/magento wriing Q

Okay, so i revamped the wiring and ordered a battery, got everything working, except for this blue wire coming from the stator plate. according to the diagram, it connects to the positive of the battery before anything else does. but when that happens, i get no spark. i also tried hooking that wire up as a ground and the same result. disconnect the battery and that wire, and everything is fine. any ideas?

if you have a 1985 general with a minarelli and you could check it out and let me know what how your wire runs, that would be great. a photo would be incredible.

thanks for the help!

Re: General 5 Star Battery/magento wriing Q

think the wiring can be found on I have 2 of the generals and one is a 1985 I have a drawing if you have a fax I can send one to you

Re: General 5 Star Battery/magento wriing Q

i figured it out yesterday like 2 minutes after i made this post. i was confusing the silicon rectifier for something else. thanks for the assistance none the less.

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