2001 Avanti Autosport

I posted something on the general form but this might be a better place.

My avanti has trouble going up hills and after trying one the other day it hasn't been the same.

I used to be able to get it up in the 40's no problem but now once I get to 30, or to this certain point on the throttle while accelerating, it acts as a brake and the ped slows down gradual. once I ease up a little bit its fine. Kind of strange.


I've been having problems with the motor stalling when I come to a complete stop. It doesn't always happen but probablly over half the time. Someone did say something about it being the rubber clutch deteriorating but I'd like to get some other opinions.

I'm new to mopeds but I'm quickly falling in love. Yesterday I cleaned out my carb and changed the Transmissioin oil today. I haven't run it since because it got dark and I'm not really into riding in the dark.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback.



2001 Avanti Autosport

I think you got some answers out of us in the other forum.

Did you use synthetic or straight 30 oil? I use synthetic these days.

Re: 2001 Avanti Autosport

I actually did get some good answers in the other forum for which I am very greatful. However I haven't been able to figure out the whole thing on why it slows once I get to that certain point on the throttle. I did some research and it sounds like it might be "4 stroking". I actually ran it with the cleaned out carb and it didn't work as well. I did notice that my carb needed a new gasket and the choke was pretty messed up. I'm going to just start from scratch and buy a new carb to see if that solves some issues. It makes sense because the one I currently have isn't in the best shape. I'll probablly have to rejet too.

Does anyone have any suggestion on which size jet might work the best? I'll probablly just buy a few and try them all, I think they're pretty cheap but I'd like a range to start with.

As for the oil, I ended up going with SAE 30 non-detergent. That's pretty much what all my research turned up.

Thanks so much for all the help and suggestions. Its kind of funny because I never really thought that fixing/working on my ped would be so much fun... but I really like the challenge.

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