puch help

i just got a beatter 1980 puch, i know its a two speed and thats about it. what is the best manual i can get to get it running? it needs alot of work, and how can i identify what kind of puch it is? thanks

Re: puch help

Brian Mikami /

Look for Puchs in the 'photos' link above.

Re: puch help

Or post a pic of it here.

Re: puch help

maxis dont have a removable tank they have a step through. i believe the only ones that had 2 speeds were mkIIs and some newports. im porbably wrong. magnums have a top tank and only the magnum II model and MKII model have two speeds. the mkII model has hydraulic forks while magnum II forks are identical to the magnum xk forks which are similar to the maxi fork in design

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