Peugeot - what kind is this?

What kind of moped is this? Is it a good model?


Re: Peugeot - what kind is this?

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looks like a 102 model. Non-variated unlike the 103's. If you can get a 103, get it.

Re: Peugeot - what kind is this?

I 102 or 103...Peaguets were decent machines if I remember right...

Re: Peugeot - what kind is this?

I had an '80 102sp. Nice and simple and reliable. Solid frame and suspension. Variators are nice, but to much to go wrong on an older moped. My scooter has a variator, but it's new. Peace. Jerry.

Re: Peugeot - what kind is this?

I have a 102 and a 103, neither of mine ever had a variator.

Some may call it that, but it's not. The ones I have are both centrifugal clutches.

These bikes, for me have had bad electrical weaknesses, but when they run right they run fast and strong. I like the feel of the 103 just a bit better. Make sure that gas tank isn't rusted too bad!


Re: Peugeot - what kind is this?

Thanks everyone. I bought the 'ped. It is indeed a Peugeot 102spU3. It's in great shape...only missing the gas cap and one side cover, but otherwise looks good. Engine is not locked, all controls move freely.

Re: Peugeot - what kind is this?

Motobecane made their first and only variomatic based transmission, the mobymatic, in 1956, the year after variomatic CVT was invented by dutchman Huub Van Doorne, before the first CVT car.

The Mobymatic transmission came standard on motobecane moedels up until their last production run the early 2000's. The only difference between the early models and leter editions was the abandonment of the woodruff key, as it was unnecessesary.

While not the best design in terms of tunability or clutch performance, it is a inexpensive workhorse, that requires no maintenance over the life of the engine other than regularly supplied grease squirts through it's grease fitting every few hundred miles.

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