QT50 bogs on acceleration

I removed and lovingly cleaned the carb on my 83 QT50. I also replaced the stock air filter with a K&N filter. Since I did these two things it is harder to start cold and bogs on acceleration. I have the idle mixture just a tad rich. I made sure I had the carb all the way on the intake.

If I give it a half choke on acceleration it picks right up. Hmmm. Anyone have an idea here?

Re: QT50 bogs on acceleration

If you've got to choke it to accelerate, you're running too lean. Try raising your carb needle to make it richer, or if that doesn't help, upjet! :)

Re: QT50 bogs on acceleration

Nor Cal Mopeds /

yeah man, if your adding all that extra air, you gotta add all that extrad fuel, choking puts more fuel in there, so does up jetting

Re: QT50 bogs on acceleration

what is upjetting

Re: QT50 bogs on acceleration

Put stock air filter back it was designed to run that way..set carb where it is supposed to be! if it works well LEAVE it ALONE!

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