flywheel seized???

well i finally got my first ped its a puch newport not sure of the year and i belive my flywheel is seized is there a easy inexpensive way to fix this proble? i have yet to actualy ride the ped and it has only turned over twice and then died please help

Re: flywheel seized???

"go here and get all the puch manuals":

the service manual covers newport.

you just got the bike.. be patient.. get familiar with it.

if the engine 'turned' at all, the crankshaft, piston and flywheel would have to be free..

Re: flywheel seized???

it turned before the flywheel got stuck

Re: flywheel seized???

well, you gotta closely examine any "new" bike..

One time i found a junkyard bike with no spark plug .. took it home and was just about ready to try and start it.. Instead I pulled the head off and found a bunch of little rocks inside the cylinder.

don't worry too much about what happened.. might be something real simple like a loose nut.

study the manuals and then examine the bike from one end to the other..

Re: flywheel seized???

okay the pedals are turning but the flywheel isnt what do i do? and will i need a flywheel puller? and where can i get one?

Re: flywheel seized???

Fly wheel pullers may be had by calling BJ at HandyBikes (614) 299-0550), make sure you have the number on flywheel handy in order for him to get you the proper one. They cost around $20.00

Re: flywheel seized???

the jammed flywheel is directly connected to the crankshaft's end..

What that means is the crankshaft and piston have to be jammed as well.

Have you determined that the flywheel itself what's causing the problem or could it be something to do with the crankshaft or piston? If not, the flywheel isnt the trouble and there's no need to pull it..

for instance, did you snap a piston ring and is a part of that ring stuck in a cylinder port? ..... preventing the piston from moving... preventing the crankshaft from moving.. preventing the flywheel from moving..

Re: flywheel seized???

actually i did find it out i did start a new thread the piston is seized up i didnt properly investigate the problem but iam slowly yet surley fixing it with penetrating fluid

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