What is the deal with condensers?

Are condensers fairly universal among most mopeds? If so, which brands are interchangable? Can I get one at a motorcycle shop or Radio Shack? My condenser, which needs replacing, is part of a DANSI electrical system and reads .29 uF (microfarad?) on the back, it has 3 wires soldered to the same point on the top. Anyone know the best/fastest way to get one of these?

Re: What is the deal with condensers?

Any ignition-type condenser of a similar size should swap ok. Don't buy some electrolytic or something from radio shack.. Steal an ignition-type condensor off an ignition.. or get one from an autoparts store.. They won't like wasting their time searching for a particular physical size.

yeah, the uF is microfarad.

A capacitor is nothing but two strips of metal foil wrapped into a cylinder. The square inch area of the foil determines capacity. So the physical size of the can approximates capacity.

Almost all ignition-types are conservatively rated at 12 volts or more so break-down voltage will be higher than needed.

Since yours has 3 wires, you'll need to solder two more wires onto a single-wire condenser.

A failed experiment won't damage anything.. if the new one's capacity (29uF) is off a bit, your points will arc a bit more than they otherwise would.

Re: What is the deal with condensers?

Peter Chudzik /

thanks that totally answers my question

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