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I bought a motobecane a month ago. It runs great but I got a flat tire and decided to buy a new tube. I looked on the tire and it said 2.25 x 17 so I ordered this size tube.

Then I went to change it and the tube inside was a 1.75 x 20.

So my question is, is it straight forward that what's on the tire is the correct size tube and you can get away with different size tubes? Or is the size of the tire 2.25x17 but the tube should be a bigger size compared to the tire?

I know this is basic but I'm new to this.

Re: basic tire question

heh.. a 20"??

One time I found a 19 inch x 3.xx innertube inside a 17x2.5 inch tire.. someone managed to stuff it in there.

people do weird stuff..

But it IS straight forward. Use tires that fit the wheel and innertubes that fit the tire..

Re: basic tire question

Good to know it wasn't me......

Re: basic tire question

and thank you

Re: basic tire question

The 20" tube is likely from a bicycle, your bike should have a 17x--- tube. I'm not sure the reason but bicycle tires and moped/motorcycle tires have 2 different sizing systems. A 20" bicycle wheel has the same diameter as a 16" moped or motorcycle wheel.


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