My Honda Hobbit Wont Start

Hi, i have a 1978 honda hobbit that i bought at an auction. My moped would not start when i bought it so i pulled the carb. and rebuilt it. then had to replace the fuel cut off switch the orignial one was broken. then it started running like it was new. i put about 47 miles on it and it started loosing a little power and then when i turned it off it would not start and run right. it got to the point where it would bearly idle and if i try to give it a little gas it dies right away. If any one can help or knows what is going on with it i would really be thankful for there help i am new to mopeds but am very good with cars.

Re: My Honda Hobbit Wont Start

What did you replace the original fuel "cutoff" switch with?

The original petcock contained the bike's fuel filter screens .. there were two. One is long, extending inside the tank, and the other is mounted on the bottom of the petcock. These two screeens are all the bike needs.

"needs" is the key word. Without some filtration that clean carb will get dirty. And it sounds like it is dirty.. again.

If you replaced the petcock with a standard on-off tap, I guess an inline paper filter is called for. The original screens allow tiny crap to pass through and burn while they remain relatively open.. But the paper filters catch everything.. and will clog more quickly.

This adds flow resistance .. gravity feed is already weak.. adding restriction to fuel-flow can cause problems.

It might be worth it to search for a good sized metal-mesh screen type inline screen. Otherwise you're stuck with the standard $2 throwaway kind from a hardware store..

Re: My Honda Hobbit Wont Start

If I had to guess I would say that the screen on the new fuel tap/petcock is plugged up and not letting fuel through to the carb.

Pull the fuel line off the bottom of the fuel tap and then turn the tap on. You should get a steady stream of fuel.

Re: My Honda Hobbit Wont Start

sounds like clogged filter or not enough gas getting in replace your fuel petcock with an original e-bay moped junkyard or even honda...Hobbit carbs are VERY sensitive to crud! Also check condition of tank looking for rust or gunk etc. Good luck!

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