Pa 50 Hobbit gas cap

My gas caps on both my hobbits are lose. The book shows a mixing cup that should be there but isn't on mine. When I put two rubber gaskets on the one cap it fits fine. Does anyone know where I can get these rubber gaskets or the mixing cups?

Re: Pa 50 Hobbit gas cap

the other day i mistakenly put the gas cap from a Honda C70 onto my hobbit .. fit perfectly. GAskets are identical. Honda should have gaskets for the cap.

Since these two very different bikes has the same cap, chances are good that many other Honds caps will fit, as will the gaskets.

As far as the measuring cup, i've not seen one (although this could explain the weird little clip-thing on the underside of my cap.)

But if you pour oil into the tank is sinks to the bottom. It's best to premix in a separate container. It's easier to shake a container than to shake the whole bike at the gas station. But for emergencies it might be nice to have the measuring cup. Ask Honda about the cup too.

Re: Pa 50 Hobbit gas cap

Thanks Joew, I'll try Honda

Re: Pa 50 Hobbit gas cap

The measuring cup PN is 17626-148-671 has it in stock for $1.95

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