Hobbit: I am torn!!!!!


As I stated in the previous post (Hobbit Idle (or lack there of)) I gave my hobbit to a friend to fix. Two years prior to this handing over I have cleaned the carb a million times, re-surfaced the inside of the gas tank, put on a new muffler, replaced many spark plugs and slowly figured out a proper oil to gas ratio. Through all this my ped never ran to it's fullest. The ped went from never going to top speed and idleing to never going to top speed and not idleing to not doing anything at all. This is when I felt I was at my mechanical capacity and handed it over to someone I trusted...

Well, he took apart everything (engine, carb, etc) and in doing so never got the electrical stuff (headlights, horn, etc) to work again. After several trys he got the ped running again but with no idle and no reaction to any adjustments made w/ the carb screws. Now, when I crank the ped the horn honks non stop and the ped does not start. (he also admitted to screwing w/ the points)

So after all this my ped is in worse condition than it was when I gave it to him. So, all of you out there reading this what do I do?? I love the Hobbit but I can't stand to go another summer w/out a moped. I can't afford to have anyone fix her and I feel I have exhausted all of my moped technical knowledge. (which by the way consists of everything I have learned here thanks joe w)

Should I part her out?

Sell her as-is?

I have no idea what to do, I want a working ped!!!



Re: Hobbit: I am torn!!!!!

what muffler do you have on your hobbit, they can be extremely restricting in mph's as well as idling and performance. i have the proma circuit on my bike and it goes like 38mph. they sell the pipe at www.westcoastmopeds.com or 50cc.nl and they also sell the stock exhaust at 50cc.nl or westernhillshonda.com. don't get rid of it. thats my suggestion.

Re: Hobbit: I am torn!!!!!

If the horn is constantly on, then that means there is a bad ground wire connection. Same thing happened to me when one of my ground wires got torn off.

Good luck


Re: Hobbit: I am torn!!!!!

The muffler I have on is made for a PA50. I made sure to get the right one.



Re: Hobbit: I am torn!!!!!

If you are not willing to get the manual and educate yourself while working on the bike, I would say yeah, sell it.

Re: Hobbit: I am torn!!!!!

I HAVE the manual and have been working on it (learning as I go) for the past 2 years.

It has nothing to do with me "not willing" I am very willing, I've just hit a wall (figuratively of course, don't want you to make anymore bad assumptions silverfox) and don't know what else to do. Obviously a wave of a wand will not fix my problem, just asking for some advice.


Re: Hobbit: I am torn!!!!!

Well, let's think about this:

1. You made a BIG mistake letting your buddy work on it. He obviously does not know what he is doing.

2. your horn honks when you pedal it. I would think that a lighting wire is cross connected to the horn wire. When you drop the engine you have to take apart the wiring junction to the left side above the petcock. I would start there. Make sure that the wires match up to where they are supposed to go.

3. I would think that your idling problem is in the induction system somewhere. Clean the carb again paying particular attention to the idle jet and passages. Double check the reed plate mounting. Check for air leaks.

Re: Hobbit: I am torn!!!!!

Sounds good, thanks for the input


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