Tomos Dies when brake light comes on.

my 1985 Tomos Bullet dies when the brake light comes on, I have a wiring diagram that I think is for it, but it looks to be a confusing set up where the switch on the leavers opens a contact, and that turns the light on, from what I can tell the wiring harness is in good shape, wihtout any broken wires or insulation, altho it is 21 years old.

when I figured out what was wrong, all the bulbs had been burnt out, and I've replaced them, altho they were now replaced with 12 volt bulbs, it doesn't seem to matter if the bulbs are in or not, it still has the same problem, my next step is to hunt down some proper 6 volt bulbs, will that fix it tho?

Re: Tomos Dies when brake light comes on.

John Joedicke /

check all your grounds. You are shorting out somewhere.

Re: Tomos Dies when brake light comes on.

old tomos like that are made to kill the motor when the brakes are pulled. its one of tomos's safty features, it also saves the clutch.

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