gunk in exaust pipe

Hello just was wonderin why there is some gunk in the muffler?? It is like tar. I Just fixed the bike and never even looked at the muffeler. Not drippin Its just kinda there. Could i be running it to rich?? Or could the lead additive do someting like this? or is it normal??

1977 Puch Newport

One owner other than me

Everything is stock

Re: gunk in exaust pipe

If people run a bad oil and gas mix this can cause this..some carbon build up is normal. I run high octane fuel and quality oil ie. castrol or honda or yamaha etc..also mix your gas in a separate can and shke WELL! I also run a bit of stabil fuel stabilizer..some use sea-foam as well...Good luck to you!

Re: gunk in exaust pipe

oven cleaner... dollar store.. works wonders

Re: gunk in exaust pipe

Take off the exhaust and clean it with over cleaner is what I should of said your new.. to the forum.

Re: gunk in exaust pipe

So its ok to use a high octane fuel in the moped? I didnt know if that was ok. And oven cleaner wont hurt the pipe??

Cool thanks.

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