Puch Front Fork Problems

My Puch Newport front forks are real loose. Wheel is slightly cockeyed. Tighten the top nut, it's not that.

Does anybody know of a detailed front fork assembly manual and or where I can buy replacement internal parts for the fork that may be worn out?

Re: Puch Front Fork Problems

Tyler Jacobson /

do u have a fender on? the fender bracket keeps the bottoms of the forks in line.

Re: Puch Front Fork Problems

If the fork is really loose, then you probably need new bearings (I had a lot of foreward/back pivoting in my forks, and new bearings helped me out). Also, that big huge nut on the top doesn't do squat except share the job with the two up front to hold the fork against the frame.



Pictures snagged from http://www.mopedriders.com/article_view.php?faq=2&fldAuto=13

Re: Puch Front Fork Problems

Thanks. Good stuff.

Anyone know where I can buy new bearings, ....ect??

Re: Puch Front Fork Problems

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