bike only rides well with choke

so i have a 73 ciao that i have been having some problems with

as of now the bike rides fine with the choke engaged but once it is off the bike pops or backfires and looses power when i am riding and gains it back when i put the choke back on

does this mean anything to anyone

any help would be appreciated

Re: bike only rides well with choke

Does the bike have the right airbox installed? Sounds like it's getting too much air--this throws off the fuel/air mixture. When you put the choke on, it cuts off some of the air and balances things out. I'd check the air intake.

Re: bike only rides well with choke

no i think there is something wrong with my air bow but i can't seem to find a replacement one online i have been looking on ebay and via the links off this site

does anyone know a good place to look

Re: bike only rides well with choke

I'm having the same problem, and I'm planning on heading over to Handy Bikes (THE BEST/BIGGEST FRIGGIN MOPED SHOP IN THE USA!!! LoL) tomorrow to get myself a bigger jet. They sell stuff on eBay, too.

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