Moby Axel

Anyone out there got a straight rear axel for a 77 motobecane? Mine is bent and I'm just getting around to getting my Moby on the road for the first time. Weather is really hot out here in Seattle and a 2 wheeler is the only option for keeping cool except for hanging out in the grocery store.

Re: Moby Axel

Good luck, I've been looking for two years, I may break down and see if my local moped junk yard has a whole rim that fits with a new axle or try here,, an importer of some sorts seem like they carry parts for peugeot and motobecan. Thats what they look like in the pics. I E-mailed them a month ago and have had no response.

Re: Moby Axel

How bent is bent?

Any chance of streightening it out?

You will have better luck buying a whole wheel.


Re: Moby Axel

My only other suggestion is to find someone with a mini lathe that can cut those threads for you. I'm still avoiding that route.

Re: Moby Axel

Check e-bay for parts or ask Good luck to you!

Re: Moby Axel

hey i got one for ya.

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