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Any body know what size or part# K&N air filter the QT50 uses?

Re: K&N Question

The part number that will fit (K&N) is RC-2540, here’s the link:


You'll need to remove the factory rubber seal attached to the carb that connects the carb and stock air cleaner.

Re: K&N Question

thanks a million man thats perfect. hows the flow ? is it necessary to re jet?

Re: K&N Question

Flow is much better than stock. I didn't have to rejet, but I did move the notch up one on my carb needle. I've since added an aftermarket exhaust and jetted up a size from stock. Removing that rubber seal on the carb helps a lot as far as performance goes, it gets rid of that 25 mph hesitation that many of these bikes experience.

Re: K&N Question

this QT seems to do about 35 stock almost 40 in its stock configuration, whitch i know is wierd but the first few times i rode it after i tuned it up and dipped the carb the speedo was pegged at 30 so to see what it could do I took it to the flattest spot i could find and ran it next to a car with a digital speedo. I would like to put a 60 kit on it but the engine only has 800 Miles on it so i wouldn't feel right about scraping a head thats bearly broken in. o in the mean time in restricted to bolt on prefomance parts.

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