PA50 Petcock

Hello all,

I am new to the forum. I have a fleet of PA50's ranging from 78 to 83. I have 10 in all. Not all are up and running yet. As it turns out, I have loads of parts that cover everything except petcocks. It seems these have been hard to find. Does anyone know if new ones are available?

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Re: PA50 Petcock

Hey Dan,

Check out Beatrice Cycles in California... do a google search for that and you'll get their website.

Once there, click the search button and search for the following:


You will find it there. About 20 bucks but worth every penny. I've bought two from them for my 1978 PA50II Hobbit.

Would you be willing to sell a 1978 PA50II to me? I would love to have a matching pair...

email me if you wanna....

thanks, and I hope this helps.



Re: PA50 Petcock

Do a search here for Hobbit petcocks or PA50 petcocks. There has been a couple of threads on this.

Re: PA50 Petcock

i'm almost positive that there is one on ebay right now.

Re: PA50 Petcock

Dan McCUllough /


You were absolutely right. I was able to find the Petcock at Beatrice Cycles and I purchased five of them. They are'nt the original but they are well made and the perfect replacement. I believe that they will hold up much longer than the originals.

As for selling a '78'...which '79' do you have, red or yellow?

Best regards,


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