gas tank rust

hey just was wondering what do ya do if theres rust in the tank?

ive heard of sand blasting. Just wondered if thers some kind of liquid you could pour in there and would dry and seal the rust? could be a dumb idea

Re: gas tank rust

Is the gas tank part of the frame?

Re: gas tank rust

I am going threw the same problem, and one thing that i would check is where the gas comes out of the tank, on my Puch moped the outlet plug had tons of crap clogging it, so first it needs to be cleaned out to get rid of the loose stuff, this can be done with used motot oil that will grab on to loose junk and drain out, then try to vacum out all that you can, make sure you let the oil air out before putting any more gas in it. and make sure you have a good filter on the outlet plug

Re: gas tank rust

Use Bear Concrete Etcher from Home Depot in the paint department. It's around 13 bucks for a gallon. Mix 1:1 with water and let it sit in your tank until you think it's clean. Keep an eye on it so it doesn't penetrate too deep. Rinse it wout with baking soda and water to stop the acidic reaction. Then hose it all out with water until you think you got it all out. Once dry, filler up wit your pre-mix!

Re: gas tank rust

i just bought some "Behr Concrete Etcher & Rust Remover". how long should i let it sit in the tank? also the instructions call for a wet surface, should i water the tank down before hand?


Re: gas tank rust

Keep in mind that a lot of that stuff is quite nasty so make sure you have proper eye and skin protection, and have a good way to store and get rid of the used liquid.

Re: gas tank rust

thanks all of you

Re: gas tank rust


I recently had the same problem and tried a number of things until I found the solution. I used the following:

Kreem Tank Sealer/Liner

It comes in a 3 Step kit that solves the whole problem. I had a buddy help me since my tank is an integral part of my Sachs moped. You simply follow the steps and in 2 days your tank will look great inside. Note: I had numerous problems: carb, fuel filters, fuel valves, etc. that all were linked to this lousy fuel tank rusting issue. If you really want to save yourself future headaches this is one step you can take now.

Go to ebay and search Kreem Fuel Tank liner. There was an outfit in California (Motorcycle Shop) that was selling the kit I bought. It will run you about $40 bucks or so but VERY well worth every penny.



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