Puch E-50 motor help

I have a puch e-50 motor from hell, i found that hornets nest was in the cumbustion chamber from there not being a spark plug, the crank was seized with rust and the piston the stuck, well i fixed all of that and its back in the bike, the fill plug for the oil was stuck so i flipped the bike over and tried to fill it up from the drain plud in the center of the motor on the bottom end, it ended up leaking all into the seat and i dont know where the leak is? I flipped it back over and tapped the fill bolt out and filled it up with oil, no appernt leaks. i used regular car oil, 10w-30, is this right? Because when i first got it and i was taking out the motor to work on it red oil pourd out the same way when i tryed to fill it up with oil, red oil was all over the bike and drained down to the seat, is this tranny oil? what the hell do i do?

Re: Puch E-50 motor help

ahhh ahh stoppp. 1st off, if there was a bees nest in the cylinder, and the crank was rusted, then that motor needs some work. also, car oil is wrong, ur gonna mess things up with that. i suggest rebuilding your engine. if you dont think you can, go to mopedriders.org, go to moped repair, and scroll down to the 80-81 puch service manual. read through that and it gives you a detailed rebuild of the engine. e50s are pretty easy. in the top of the engine is a hole, i forget what its there for but thats where your oil leaked out of when you flipped it upside down. ya it sounds like your ped needs some work. good luck, that manual should give you everything you need

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