spark plug

Could a bad spark plug cause a moped to idle but bog when given gas?

Re: spark plug

it's very unlikely .. $2 for a new plug will tell.

Bogging when given gas is probably related to fuel problem. The throttle opens allowing lots of air in, but if no fuel is provided for a moment, the engine bogs.

How does it run otherwise .. is acceleration and top speed normal?

Re: spark plug

Well the long version is my "good" FA50 kept bogging this morning when I'd give it gas. I cleaned the carb yesterday just because I've never cleaned the carb on that bike before. Anyway I took the carb apart today and adjusted the float a bit and now it runs good again. The only mopeds I've ever had are FA50's and they seem extremely touchy to any adjustments or tinkering. Are these more sensitive than other bikes?

Re: spark plug

they are all sensitive ..

gravity feed is weak.. the carbs are basic and primative.. low cost is a primary concern of manufacturers.

some bikes are better than others but even the best require the fuel/air system to be in top shape.

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