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I bought a urban express for $20.00 at a garage sale.It sat for a year or more till I finally got to it. The gas tank was rusted and so was the gas valve, it needed a throttle cable which I found on ebay and a battery.I took care of all that. It started up and runs, but I do not have the right air cleaner for it. I took one off a regular express and it ran better but surges and only gets up to 15MPH. When I disconnect the number 3&4 hose to the back of the filter I can go 25MPH,but I dont know if the oil injector is working.Can I mix gas and oil and disconnect the oil injector and if so what is the mixture I need?


Did anyone respond to this...? I have an express and am not sure the oil pump works. I have another 'ped and have no problem mixing the gas and oil as long as I know this will work...Thanks


you should be able to run premix gas without any problem. you are supposed to disconnect the injector and plug any holes so you arnt getting air in or out of the motor.

As far as the surging, it sounds like a carb problem. You can try running without an air filter while you are figuring it out, they seem to start and run better without filters. mine does not have the vaccuum choke, so Im not as familiar with those. but i can tell you that ive had a surging problem b4 and it was due to the main jet being clogged. If you have an air compressor shoot compresed air through every opening in the carb. I also intsalled an inline fuel filter to keep any crap from the gas tank that brakes off occasionally from clogging up the carb. I could always tell if the main jet was clogged cuz if i flipped on the choke it would run faster.... Im not sure if you could swap the carb on that... probably not. but the manaul choke carbs are a LOT simpler and easier to deal with.

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