i have a biturbo pipe on my moped. the gold part (silencer) can more around on it. i can literalty move it back and forth. i just got it brand new in like febuary so its still pretty new. what should i do? is there anyway of fixing it? or should i just buy a new pipe?

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Put new rivets on the silencer. They get loose and fall off if your not careful.


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ok now i have anthony question. i just took off all the panels of my tomos lx. i took the off to lust make sure everthing was ok but when i had them off i noticed there was grease n what seemed to be oil n dirt n stuff all of my moped. like around the caine, airbox, sproclets n all that stuff. is that bad?

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It's a bit hard to understand what your saying, but if your asking if having dirt on the exterior of your engine components is bad, it isn't. Riding on the road will definitely make your moped dirty quick. If there is a lot of dirt near the air intake (so much that it is in danger of becoming clogged), it should be cleaned off, as should your air filter. Otherwise, just clean it if you don't like dirt and leave it dirty if you don't like cleaning.

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