Vespa Wheels

Hey I found this picture at the vespa photo gallery! Where can I get a pair of wheels like that for my vespa?? Is there anybody who know??

Or is there anybody who want to sell a pair of wheels like this?

Re: Vespa Wheels

you'll need to go to Europe. pick me up a set while you are there.

Re: Vespa Wheels

OK=) But do know where in europe? I live in Norway. So i am in europe!! hehe

Re: Vespa Wheels

How much do you think i cost to buy the upper rim! The one with 5spokes, I really dig it!!

and bytheway is there anny shops selling good quality white wall tyre on the net or in europe?

Re: Vespa Wheels

doreen the monster /

A bit of a belated response, but 1977 sells whitewall tyres on their website. I have contemplated getting some for my '81 Ciao.

I'm not familiar with the market in Europe, but by all means post some links if you happen to find some things.


Re: Vespa Wheels

Except those whitewalls wouldn't go on a ciao, what with those 17 inch rims.

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