Franco Morini MO1 gaskets

For a while now, my Negrini (Franco Morini engine) has been running without much power. It goes about 22 on flat ground (and is still stock). So I bought a compression tester and found out that I'm only getting about 90psi compression. I'm assuming that this is due to a bad head gasket, since the moped sat for about 27 years before I bought it. Does anyone know for sure what gaskets fit on an MO1? I've found some at and I believe that the ones at mopedjunkyard would fit, but are any of them the correct gasket that I need to replace (I will replace any that I get, but I think that I should definitely fix the problem one). Here are the links:

and the other one is on

Part numbers 15051, 5545, or 6568

Any additional info would be appreciated.

Re: Franco Morini MO1 gaskets

why suspect the head gasket? The rings and faults in anything above them can be reason for compression leaks

Flatten the head surface with a piece of wet wet/dry 320 sandpaper on a flat piece of glass, water as lubricant, move it around evenly, like in figure 8's, till there's no low, shiny spots..

make a head gasket out of whatever is easy and available .. paper or whatever .. torque the head down to specifications.. do another compression test .. See what happens.


not that you'd prefer to, but headgaskets are so simple that you can make your own if you can find the proper material thickness and can cut it out.

Re: Franco Morini MO1 gaskets

Jason Luther /

get ride of that fat morini head gasket and make one from aluminum flashing (found at hardwrae stores). that thing is at least .030" thick. or do as joew says (i dont even use a gasket on mine) and youll be happy with the extra power

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