are puch ponits hard to do?

i never did this before. i bought this puch maxi and it ran but it lost spark. and the guy i bought it from said it needed points. so i bought some but i dont know how to put them in. if you could guide me a little that would be a big help. thanks alot!!


Re: are puch ponits hard to do?

you sure its the points???? I cant believe they would just go on ya,have you tryed a new plug ,I think id try the simple shit first

Re: are puch ponits hard to do?

Here is a good book on moped repair with a section on this.

Go to Chapter 5, around page 134 or so. You may want to read more of the chapter for learning. should be lotsa fun;p

Re: are puch ponits hard to do?

Yo Landon,

i might have that same prob on ym maxi..let me know if thats the problem..

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