slow pick up... HELP

Hey yall, i seem to have a problem with my puch. When i let off the throttle at high speed to make a turn and then get back on the throttle 3/4 of the way through the turn, the response is very slow, like a second long... Any idea what causes this and how to fix it?

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Re: slow pick up... HELP

Hellllo hello ello ello

Re: slow pick up... HELP

Seriously though.

I had a problem with my Puch. 78 Newport. It always bogged down at full throttle.

I tried cleaning the carb first. It was a mess but that didn't help.

Got a new exhaust and removed the air box.


Then I tried changing the position of the injector needle in the carb.

Nope, not that.

Then today I took apart the carb, AGAIN. This time I removed the jet, sprayed the crap out of it with cleaner, and ran a wire through it. It was a little cruddy but even a little causes all kinds of bullshit. A good way of getting a better look at it, since the jet is about the size of a pebble, is to use binoculars turned the other way so as to magnify.

Put it back together and she's running right again.

Could this be your prob? Maybe, it's worth a shot.

Re: slow pick up... HELP

No thats not it ive definately cleaned the shit out of the carb like a frazzzillion times.

Any more ideas......?

Re: slow pick up... HELP

Cleats Onionpockets /

have you tried checking the exhaust port? If it gets caked up with carbon you'll have lousy performance too. Does it sound like it's four-stroking when it's having it's one second delay? or does just nothing happen?

Re: slow pick up... HELP

ive checked everything... you open the throttle and you get nothing for liek a second.. then it sputters and picks up

Re: slow pick up... HELP

A low float level will do that... worth checking.

but it's unlikely, compared to a air or fuel leak or carb dirt or something else.

If you've really checked everything you checked the thing that's causing the problem.

So re-check everything.

Re: slow pick up... HELP

i just recleaned the carb and its still doing it. after a good straightaway ill take a turn let off the throttle get back on it and the throttle response blows. it goes quiet for a sec, blips, and then picks up.

no air leaks. whats this low float levelhave to do with it? lower the float means more gas in the bowl... so i dun get it.

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a low level of fuel in the bowl means fuel must be drawn upwards a greater distance. And that requires a greater vacuum signal in the carb's throat.

When you close the throttle, air flow in the carb falls to near zero.

Open the throttle, and fuel must wait for air speed through the venturi to increase to a higher than normal speed... there's the delay.


Does this only bog happen around high speed turns? If so, carb orientation may have something to do with it, particularly if the intake or carb was modified or parts are not stock.

Fuel in the bowl sloshes to the side with centrifugal force of the turn.. maybe to the degree that the mainjet is dry for a moment.

Re: slow pick up... HELP

I'm being repeditive but did you take out the jet, blow carb cleaner through the carb jet and wire clean it? That tiny jet hole can _look_ clear but might be slightly restricted.

If you didn't do this then you cannot rule out that this isn't the cause.

Re: slow pick up... HELP


Sounds rich not lean to me.

How about the opposite side of the coin when in a turn the fuel bowl overfills and causes a rich "flooded" running causing a flat spot till the fuel rich mix gets blown out.

Could also be a plug on the verge of fouling out.

Clean that plug lately?


Re: slow pick up... HELP

if you don't have adequate compression, all this will be in vein.

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