Puch Newport with high RPM issues

I just bought a used Newport yesterday, and got it up and running today, but it's still got issues (and it's really ugly, see pic...hehe). It idles pretty well, and runs alright, but acceleration is terribly slow, and when I'm cruising at around 20mph, I can't twist the throttle anymore, because it will choke and die. I can only twist the throttle about half way at any time.


Re: Puch Newport with high RPM issues

guy it wont run without the airbox and filter I bet it goes wooooop wooooopwuup when you give her gas huh?and the exhaust pipe needs to be derestricted and put back on ,and how dare you call that beeeeutiful piece of austrian workmanship ugly!!!!! why I ot ta smack ya

Re: Puch Newport with high RPM issues

Opening the throttle allows lots of air in .. that should also allow the carb to let lots of fuel in. If it doesn't, the engine will choke and die. So the carb is probably gunked up inside.

First thing to do on almost any 'new' bike is get the whole fuel pathway straightened out.. from tank to carburetor... get it all clean and tight. But a thorough tuneup won't hurt.

"some Puch manuals on this page":http://www.mopedriders.org/article_cat.php?fldAuto=2

Also read Fred's Guide atop that page.

Re: Puch Newport with high RPM issues

Thanks for the advice guys. :) Actually, it goes "BWOP BWOP BWOP" when I give her gas. lol

I'll be getting an airbox (if I can find one), and cleaning out the fuel valve (petcock?) today. I replaced the line (the old one was brown and I couldn't see through it), and now I see that it frequently runs without gas in that new line (I have to flick and squeeze it to get more gas to come out into the line), so I suspect there's a clog in that fuel valve.

I took the exhaust pipe apart yesterday, and a previous owner had already derestricted the pipe, so I'm good to go with that.

Before I even attempted to start it, I took apart the carb and cleaned it yesterday, but since the tank is probably fairly nasty, it's probably gunking up the carb again...ugh. Any tips on cleaning the tank and petcock?

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