moped aint run'n

my friend has a newer moped its a 2004 and for some reason the engine doesnt want to turn over and starting fluid doesnt work and the battery isnt dead, it sat around for like half the winter and worked before.

any suggestions on what to do ?

Re: moped aint run'n

sat around for months.. might be a clogged carburetor. Gasoline deteriorates and gums everything up.

and/or maybe corrosion on ignition-related switches or wiring contacts.

Seems like at least, it is not sparking. but there might be a combination of problems.

Install a new spark plug.. clean the points contacts.

Use an inline neon spark tester and mess with ignition stuff till you get spark. Then, if it still won't start, clean the carburetor.

"Read Fred's Guide atop this page": for more things to check out.

Ignition tester

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