Re: Distorted flywheels

Jason Luther /

are the flywheel the same? i was thinking about this the other day (using a different flywheel) but came to the conclusion that the magnet layout has to be the same so the points are opening (or wherever it _should_ be) just as a magnet is passing over the coil, this giving the most induction and strongest spark.

Re: Distorted flywheels

Hi Jason,

The flywheels are identicle. Both engines are 1 1/2 hp. The Sachs is 20volt, the Puch is 26, close enough for me for test purposes.

The part number on flywheels differ by one number, the last number on the Sachs ends with a zero, the one on the Puch ends with a two.

The magnets are the same size and configuration.

The other differences are not of importance to make any effect on the purpose for which a flywheel is intended for, such as the little screw holes.

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