Tomos A3 Coil Rewire Fix

On a 1990 A3 Silver Bullet with turn signals (and the 12V reg to go with it) I was having serious ignition problems. The bike came with the capacitor (condensor) being wired up outside of the stator assembly on the side of the bike but not grounded. So not really in the circuit at all. New points, condensor, HT coil, and spark cap didn't get it running. The only thing left was the coil on the stator. Inside there is three coils, one for the lighting, one for the ignition, and one that is there but not wired to anything. I wired up the other coil to the ignition and removed the original coil. Works fine with a healthy spark. The final is the original HT coil, a condensor from a Moby wired outside of the stator along the side of the bike, NGK spark cap, new points, and the other coil running the whole thing. I'm not sure why its even there since nothing was running off of it but in a pinch it can probably serve as a replacement for either coil. Just some info to throw in the collective.

Re: Tomos A3 Coil Rewire Fix

on a motorcycle the 3rd winding would be for the charging system,and is usually not as heavy (thicker wire) as the ignition and probably would work for a while,but not long term,I build dirt bikes and eliminate all but one wire,from that heavier winding up to the coil,splice in a switch if need be

Re: Tomos A3 Coil Rewire Fix

Jesse Stephenson /

The wire gauge on the coil I switched it to is larger than that of the ignition coil, also the laminate is thicker.

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