still wont start

ive been having problems with this free spirit. is it worth even trying to fix? ive cleaned the carb and fuel. i took off the spark plug and putn it back in the wire then cranked it and it didn't seem to have spark. what do i do to fix this?

Re: still wont start

On my Jawa I just fixed it was the coil. It even had spark (though weak). Take the plug out and with it connected to the wire rest the threads of the plug against the block and crank the motor and see if you get spark. If you get nothing it's most likely the coil unless a wire or something came off somewhere.


Re: still wont start

have you cleaned and gapped your points,cleaned up the windings and flywheel?I had one the other day that had a bad ground on the coil itself...could be something as simple as a bad condensor

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