removing vespa ciao pedals

I'm trying to remove the pedals from a Vespa Ciao right now and I'm having difficulties. I was told to remove the left pedal arm and tap the assembly through the bike in order to remove it. However, there is a little washer that is flush against the body of the bike (on the pedal assembly on the left) that keeps me from tapping it through the frame of the bike. It would seem like the washer would have a notch in it to remove it, but I don't see any way to take it off. Anybody have experience taking Ciao pedals off? Thanks.



Re: removing vespa ciao pedals

If you mean just the pedals as in attached to the crank arms

the pin that holds the pedal on has to generally be tapped out but if you mean the whole pedal assembly removal I have no experience at all .......

Re: removing vespa ciao pedals

Jouni Salminen /


I think there is some description concerning pedal assembly in here:


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