Throttle Cable Installation Problem

So the rusty ol' throttle cable snapped on my Puch Pinto. A new one came in the mail from, and it seemed to be dandy.

However, I am having a hell of a time installing it. I fit the cylindrical nub in the grip, put the other end in the cylinder-looking thing in the carb where it goes, locked it in place, everything's great. I gave it a test grip turn, and it works great...outside of the carb.

However, when I screw the top onto the carb and try to twist it again, it doesn't seem to work at all. The metal thread bulges out of the throttle assembly, pulling the rest of the cable out, which in turn gives it no slack and therefore no go.

Is the cable too long? Too short? Am I doing something wrong?


(I probably didn't explain this very well-I just spent 2 hours trying to install the darn thing and I'm really quite dehydrated/about to faint. Even if I wasn't, I wouldn't know the specific names of the parts anyway, ha)

Re: Throttle Cable Installation Problem

now let me get this strait oyu put the lime in the coconut and mixed them all up oh shit where am I oh ya double check the way you put the throttle slide back in the carb you may have screwed up there make sure the cable didnt come out of the slide when you stuffed it back together

Re: Throttle Cable Installation Problem

I know the cable didn't come out, the spring has tension keeping it in, and I can see the choke slide going up and down through the air intake side.

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