Sticky Batavus Clutch

I've got a Starflite Bat with the M48. It seems that my clutch is sticking when I come to a stop. Haven't opened it up yet to take a good look, but I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem.

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Yes, I have this problem as well. Mine is so bad that the clutch is ALWAYS engaged, which makes starting the bike a real blast. It also cuts out everytime you stop. I have a Solo engine which shares clutches with the M48, apparently. I guess there are a few different clutches, could you post a pic of yours?

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did you check the tranny oil??

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Kev-This is a dry clutch, outside of the engine casing.

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That's what my problem is, that when I come to a stop the engine sounds like it's going to explode. I've got about 1200 miles on the bike, I'm just wondering if it's worn down or something and the metal is sticking.....I've got like 3 parts bikes. Oh well guess I'll have to tear into it!

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oooo sorry.. lol

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Matthew Libhart /

Had that exact problem a couple days ago, and here's what I did.

Take the 6 bolts off of the front plate and remove all the plates down to the last one that is engaged by the ball bearings that are in that round coil spring. The back of this plate that actually makes contact with the spring may be rusted. Mine was. I cleaned it up w/some metal oxide sandpaper and cleaned it off very well with a degreaser. Reinstalled and haven't had the problem since. I haven't ridden it much since, but I'm hopeful. If this doesn't work, I'm assuming that the ball bearings are not being retracted by the spring. So if it happens again my next move is to disassemble in the same way, and to try to clean up the rounded portion of the housing in the same way as it also was a bit rusty. I may try to get a tiny amount of lubricant in behind the spring as well, but that may backfire on me and make the clutch slip. As I said though, I won't do this unless it sticks again, and if it does, I'll post the update here.

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I took it all apart and cleaned stuff up, even put some oil on the spring/ball bearing thing. It's better, but definately not perfect. I guess I will have to try some grease or something. So the spring expands and pushes on the plate? Weird set up.....

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If I were you, I'd get back in there and clean all that oil off with a spray brake cleaner. You don't want oil or grease flying around in a dry clutch (and it will fly around) because it eventually will contaminate the friction disc.

Use the same cleaner to blast all the other parts clean of gunk (not the friction plate) so you can see where the rust is. Pay careful attention to the edges of the "fingers" that point inward on the metal plates. Rust or gunk there can cause the plates to be sluggish in their movement. The hub is an alloy, but it still may have corrosion in the grooves where those fingers slide. I like steel wool (without soap) to clean surface rust and get the glaze off the friction disc. Make sure you clean up the "saucer" that the spring/ball assembly moves in.

Check that the coil spring that pushes the outer plate out is not so rusted as to be ineffective. It should be strong enough to be a nuisance during reassembly.

Of course, you should check that you have clearance between the spring arm that engages the clutch for starting and the small brass button it presses on (a bit of grease there is OK).


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